Therapy Options

Each case of microtia, atresia and hearing loss is unique. The complications each patient faces must be reviewed by audiologists and ear specialists to determine which therapy option is suitable for your child. In this section we present the most common hearing aid, surgical and prosthetic recovery options.

It is important to remember that while hearing aids and atresia repair could significantly improve the quality of life of a patient suffering from unilateral hearing loss, surgery for ear reconstruction is not a necessity. This holds true especially if the child is not affected psychologically or emotionally by microtia, or does not see the deformed ear as a problem. Many parents will hold off on a decision about the reconstructive surgery until the patient is old enough to decide for himself or herself. Reconstructive surgery can be performed well into adulthood.

For each therapy described, we have begun a list of surgeons and hospital centers that specialize in each technique. If you have any recommendations on centers please email us at so we can update the resource list to help other families.