Specialized Hospitals

One of the keys to successful development of a child with microtia or related medical issues is an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible. That way, parents know exactly what to expect from the beginning and can focus all their energy on growing a happy child to their full potential. On this page we are creating a list of hospitals known for their excellent diagnostics, monitoring and support groups as recommended by parents and patients affected by microtia and related conditions. If you know hospitals or doctors that are not listed here and want to recommend them, send an email with the information to microtia@microtia.es.

Hospitals and Centers specialized in diagnosing, monitoring and reconstruction of microtia:

Sant Joan de Deu (Barcelona), contact Unidad de Cirugia or Otorrinolaringologia

Support Groups for Microtia and Related Disorders:

Ear Community: http://earcommunity.com/